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Hidden properties

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Published by Aristotelis Pitaridis

There are two types of properties which define how the information will appear on the screen. We have the fixed properties that Umbraco has defined for us and the custom properties that we define. Some of the fixed properties are hidden and we have to force them to appear by creating a property with the specified alias name in our Document Type. Let’s see what these properties are.

Name : 302 Redirect
Description : Generates a 302 Redirect HTTP response status code which informs the client that the URL has not found and a new URL supplied so that the client will be able to redirect.
Alias : umbracoRedirect
Type : Content Picker

Name : Hide from navigation
Description : Allows the administrator of the site to use a checkbox control in order to define if a specified page will be visible or hidden in the navigation of the web site.
Alias : umbracoNaviHide
Type : True/false

Name : Invisible redirect
Description : Allows the developer to load a different Umbraco page when a specified pages has been selected by the visitor of the web site.
Alias : umbracoInternalRedirectId
Type : Content Picker

Name : Url Name Change
Description : Umbraco generates the URL name of a page from the Page name that we have defined. If we want to define a different name we can use this property to set a new URL name for the page.
Alias : umbracoUrlName
Type : Textstring

Name : Url Alias
Description : This property allow us to provide multiple URLs for a page. For example if we set the value "page1,test/page2" to this property, Umbraco will resolve the URLs "/page1" and "/test/page2" to the same page. The values that we type has to be lowercase and we have not to use a leading or trailing slash.
Alias : umbracoUrlAlias
Type : Textstring