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Default Language

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Published by Aristotelis Pitaridis

The default language of our site is English. This means that if we just type the domain name the site will appear in English.

The reason that this happens is because we added first the English node and then the Greek. If we want to change the default language the only thing we have to do is to change the order that they appear in the Back Office tree.

In order to change it we go to the contents section and we right click on the Content button in order to display the list of commands.

We click on the Sort command.

The sort panel will appear on the screen.

In the list we can see the two language nodes that we have created. The first is the en with Sort order 0 and the second is the gr with sort order 1. We can drag with the mouse the items of the list so that we will change the order. The first is going to be the default language. We put the Greek language first and the English second.

We click the Save button and now if we visit the root page of the web sit the contents will appear in Greek.