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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Published by Aristotelis Pitaridis

Umbraco does not need any software in order to set it up. We upload the Umbraco files to a Web Server which supports ASP.NET and SQL Server and the web browser can install and administrate our website. There are cases that this is not enough for us because we need to write code to extend the features of Umbraco and we have to use an IDE to utilize all the features of Umbraco. We can use two different IDEs which are available free to download from Microsoft's page. These IDEs are Microsoft WebMatrix and Microsoft Visual Studio Community. To download Visual Studio Community we have to visit the following page:

To download Microsoft WebMatrix we have to visit the following page:

In this tutorial we will use Visual Studio because it is better than WebMatrix.

If we want to install Umbraco using SQL Server we can download the Express version which is free from the following page:

In our examples we will use the SQL CE embedded database so we will not need to install the SQL Server.