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Define the page language

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Published by Aristotelis Pitaridis

We created the pages for each language but we have a problem. We know that the page /en/home is an English page because we created this structure to our site. We have to inform Umbraco which pages are Greek and which pages are English.

Let’s start with the English pages. We do not have to go to each of the English pages and define the language. We will do it only on the root node of the language and all the other pages will inherit this property.

We right click on the en page in order to display the list of the page commands. We click the Culture and Hostnames command.

The Culture And Hostnames form will appear on the screen. The Language drop down list has to contain the Language that we want to use for the page. Right now it has the default value which is inherit. This means that this page will have the language that its parent page has. This is the reason that we only have to change the root node of each language and all the other will be updated automatically.

We click the drop down list and the list with the installed languages will appear on the screen. We select en-US because this is the code for the English language and we click the Save button in order to save the changes.

We do the same thing with the gr page but this time we select the el-GR value.