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Create examine Index Set

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Published by Aristotelis Pitaridis

In order to create an index set we expand the Contents node of the CM Umbraco Tools section and the Examine node will appear on the screen.

We right click the Examine node in order to display the commands list.

We click the Create command and the create index set form will appear on the screen.

The first thing that we have to do is to define the index set name which has to consist of English letters and numbers.

After that we have to check the system attribute fields defined by Umbraco that we need for our index set.

The next check list contains the user custom fields that we have defined in our document types.

The final checkbox list contains all the document types that we have created in our web site. Again we check the document types that we want to include in our index set.

The final three values define if we want to support unpublished or protected contents and the Interval value which is in seconds.

When we define our own values for the index set we click the save button in order to create the index set.